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In-school research-based curriculum
Android and iOS mobile apps

The Parent Parties in-school curriculum is a researched, educational, theme-based program designed to be welcoming and fun for parents. Instructions for hosting a parent party are included as well as all materials such as sign-in sheets, agendas and evaluations in both English and Spanish. Each month is a new theme and includes a “Keys for Successful Parenting” handout for parents and an entertaining original game or activity to highlight the topic.

Parent Parties ENGAGE, available in 133 languages, is the mobile app that can stand alone or compliment the Parent Parties in-school program. The app allows schools to reach parents who are unable to come to the school for family engagement events. Each month, the app provides a video and activities that cover information about the same educational topic as the in-person parent party. Parents score points for their participation and schools can choose to reward top engagement winners each month. School administrators are able to export statistics and reports quickly and customize app activities and evaluations.

“We’ve spent 30+ years working with schools and parents to develop a content plan that delivers results for parent engagement. Each month a new topic is presented for parents to explore. They will earn points as they participate in the activities.

It is our hope that Parent Parties ENGAGE will provide a new future for you to continue to reach parents and encourage them to stay engaged in their children’s education.”

- Parent Parties Engage

Recently featured on WHNT News 19 in Huntsville.






In-app Activities


Years of Experience

Keep parents engaged

Leaderboard system, prizes, and push notifications

Parents compete monthly with other parents from each grade, or the entire school, by completing the app activities to become the top scorer of the group. You can evaluate winners and choose to recognize top scorers by providing prizes or other recognition monthly or at the end of the semester or school year. 

A push notification is sent to parents every Thursday providing a weekly scorecard so parents can self-evaluate their own parent engagement efforts. It will let them see how well they are doing at getting their children to school on time, reading with their children, checking to make sure children complete their homework or other positive parenting actions.

Another push notification provides a monthly evaluation of the app theme where participants can score the video and activities provided that month, leave comments and even suggest future topics.


Examples of mobile app activities we've created for parents.


Parents watch a short video for tips about the monthly topic and answer a short question for points.


Parents earn points by answering trivia questions related to the monthly topic.

Engage at Home
Engage at Home

Parents can participate in suggested activities at home that reinforce the monthly theme. They can upload pictures for points.

Reading Rewards
Reading Rewards

Parents can follow online story links to read books with their children. They can earn one point per day for reading.

School Activity
School Activity

Schools can add their own videos, activities, files, and assign points to reward parents for viewing. *Premium plan only

Fast Facts
Fast Facts

Provides 10 useful facts for parents about the monthly theme. Parents are asked which fact surprised them, best applies to their child, or was the most helpful.


Choose the pricing plan that works for your school. Plans billed annually.


Billed $1.00 per student seat

  • Access to Parent Parties Engage mobile app

  • 50+ activities for entire school year

  • Monthly parent evaluations

  • In-depth user and school analytics

  • Export data to CSV or Excel


Billed $3.00 per student seat

  • Everything in Basic plan

  • Create your own videos, files and activities

  • Access to in-person curriculum

  • Customizable parent evaluations

  • View growing library of educational videos


Finding ways to connect with parents is a challenge. Meetings are not always convenient and newsletters often go unread. The Engage App is a simple and effective way to connect to parents on their terms. Parents enjoy interacting with the app and by doing so they strengthen their parenting skills and the school community. It’s a win-win!

Cate DeFiore

Director, Second Mile Preschool

As a principal, I have chosen to use Parent Parties in more than one school over many years. This educational program reaches parents while saving hours of planning time and providing valuable analytics for reporting.

Dawn Ashley

Principal, Farley Elementary

What I like most about the app are the links to the stories I can read to my kids and the many activities we can do at home. I really like the ideas and resources I get from the app.

Juana Mendoza

Parent, Second Mile Preschool

We love Parent Parties. It is a great way to get parents involved. We have used this program for five years and our parents enjoy it. We’re “Off to a Good Start” as we transition from Headstart to Kindergarten.

Connie Bass

Parent Liaison,
Lineville Elementary School

In-School Program

Parent Parties provides an innovative approach to present parent education and promote parent involvement through games and activities in a group setting. The creative Parent Parties research-based program provides a monthly curriculum of activities including interactive games and “Keys to Successful Parenting” information sheets. When schools implement parent parties, family engagement increases by creating a welcoming environment, lowering the barrier for involvement. As parents come back each month, relationships with the school are built and strengthened.

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